Alumni In The News: Lindsey Waitzman (SOE ’08)

28 Aug

Life in the classroom isn’t over for all DePaul alumni. For the bumper crop of new School of Education alumni headed into teaching, school’s back … forever!

Check out this Vernon Hills Review (IL) profile of alum Lindsey Waitzman (SOE ’08), following her during her first day as Hawthorn Elementary South’s new second-grade teacher. So far, so good:

As a first-year teacher, Waitzman knows there will be plenty of surprises along the way. She’s already surprised at how quickly she has bonded with her students.

“I’m shocked at how well I feel I know them after just the first full day,” she said. “I’ve already gotten to know their characters.”

To help the kids get to know one another, Waitzman had them play a name game, where each child said his or her name and then gave the ball to another student. After the game she told them, “This is our classroom. I want you to feel safe and for us to learn.”

“The higher my expectations are for myself, the higher my expectations will be for them and their expectations will be for themselves,” she said.

Best of luck, Lindsey!

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