Mike Pinto (SOM ’08) of Music Ensemble Auraphone

2 Sep

In our weekly trolling of YouTube for DePaul-related videos, we stumbled upon a cool video from one of our newest alumni, Mike Pinto (SOM ‘ 08 ) He’s the founder, composer, arranger and guitarist of music ensemble Auraphone, which grew out of a graduate project at The School of Music. Check out a video here, a song written by Pinto, called “Pearls:”

We picked up the phone and chatted with Pinto briefly to talk about Auraphone start and Pinto’s future plans for the group.

Demon Tracks: So how’d the group get started?

Pinto: I was a major in theJazz Studies grad program at the School of Music. My final project was to write an arrangement for big band. It was something that I was already doing, writing big band charts, and I wanted to write 6-7 songs for a smaller ensemble so this project was a foregone conclusion for me. I talked about it with Tom Matta, my advisor, and we set it up, put together this great band. Ironically, the final performance wasn’t actually for credit.

DT: Are all of the members of the Auraphone DePaul students?

Pinto: The majority of us are. There are 11 people total in the group. Eight of us are DePaul affiliated; three guys are current students, one is faculty, Tom Matta is a professor at the School of Music and plays bass trombone. The rest [of the eight] are alumni.

DT: What’s next for Auraphone?

Pinto: I spent so much time on the songs for the final project, after graduation I need to take a bit of a break. Now it’s been a couple of months and we are starting to look at booking venues to perform. We’ll be posting performance dates on our website.

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