How To Make The Most of DePaul Social Media: Part 1 – Facebook

3 Sep

So you’ve read about the DePaul Alumni social media communities in alumni e-news or DePaul Magazine, and you can’t wait to participate, but you have absolutely no idea where to start.

Never fear! This new series of posts, “How To Make The Most of DePaul Social Media” will inform you on how to use our communities to connect with former classmates, network socially and professionally, keep up with DePaul and the Office of Alumni Relations, or just pass the time.

First off, visit our social media webpage on the DePaul Alumni web site to learn a little bit more about Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn. Each social media community is a little different and appeals to different types of interests.

Facebook, for example, is ideal for those looking to keep up with past and current friends and colleagues. Explore a bit, and find out which groups would be most useful or appealing for you as an alum.

Now that’s you’ve joined, here’s the fun part. Let’s start with Facebook, currently our most popular social media community, at over 1400 members. Once you’ve joined the DePaul Alumni Association Page on Facebook, take a moment to look around.

Overwhelming? Don’t be scared! Here’s a breakdown of what we offer here:

Mini-Feed: Go to the “mini feed” to learn about the newest updates to the Facebook page, including listings of alumni events all over the country, photos and more. We try to keep you in with everything we offer for alumni, so there’s something new here every couple of days.

Discussion Boards and The Wall: If you want to communicate with other DePaul alumni and friends who have joined the page, there are a few options. Use the discussion boards to start conversations based on whatever (DePaul related) topic your heart desires.

discussion boards

discussion boards

Reminisce with fellow alumni from your graduation year, gab about how awesome the last Chicago Chapter Young Alumni Wine Tasting was, you name it. It’s your community, and your discussions will make the Facebook community even better. If there’s an announcement you want to make to the entire DePaul alumni Facebook community, you can post a message on The Wall. Just remember you’ve got a pretty big and diverse audience here, so keep it appropriate!

Photos and Videos: We regularly share event pictures and video (when we have it) on Facebook, and so can you! Go to the “fan photos” section and you can upload your own pictures from reunion, game watch, or those old DePaulia pictures you’ve got on your hard-drive and share them with other DePaul alumns. (Don’t forget to also post them to the DePaul Spirit Flickr Group, which we’ll talk more about in a future post.)

Updates: Every once in awhile, when the Office of Alumni Relations wants to share information about an upcoming event or alumni benefit we think you’ll want to know about, we’ll inform the community through Facebook, you’ll get that information in the “Updates” section of the website when you login. When you get a new update you can check it out in the updates section of your inbox, which you’ll find here:

We’ve got events in Chicago and across the country, so stay tuned to our updates to keep with all of out alumni activities.

And, that’s it for the DePaul Alumni Page on Facebook, next up, the DePaul Alumni LinkedIn Group, our professional networking community.

If you’ve got specific questions about Facebook, social media and how to use the features here, we’re happy to answer them, so contact us or leave a comment here on the blog and we’ll answer it.

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