DePaul on ITunes

25 Sep

Not that it’s been exactly quiet on the DePaul news front, with the new Hospitality Leadership School announcement and DePaul’s voter registration initiative, and other various and sundry things going on at the start of the quarter. But let’s take a moment instead for a public service announcement. Did you know, alumni, that DePaul University has podcasts on iTunes?

You can check out student and faculty podcasts, class lectures, educational podcasts from the and other audio goodness. (A personal favorite is the College of CDM’s student podcast on gaming, DeFrag)

Check out DePaul on iTunesU!

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    […] station, Radio DePaul as one of 50 official stations featured on iTunes. So in addition to the many student and faculty podcasts you can check out on iTunes, you can also hear the student DJ’S at Radio DePaul do their […]

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