DePaul In The News – Corporate Do Gooders

30 Sep

Depaul’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center was up front and center in a Businessweek article eariler last month about the rise in social ventures among young entrepreneurs. Here’s what Raman Chadha, director the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, had to say about the trend:

[Chadha] attributes the trend to “a philosophical difference” in today’s youth. By and large, he says, U.S. college students are in tune with buzzed-about issues—rising fuel costs, global warming, a sluggish economy—and “they want to do something about them.”

Coleman’s course on sustainable enterprise was also featured; you can check out the full article at the Businessweek website.

One Response to “DePaul In The News – Corporate Do Gooders”

  1. James October 5, 2008 at 9:14 pm #

    An entrepreneurship faculty member (Patrick Murphy) at DePaul University recently published an article about social entrepreneurship in the Journal of Business Ethics.

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