How To Make The Most Out Of DePaul Social Media- LinkedIn

1 Oct

At long last, here is the second edition of the Demon Tracks guide to DePaul social media for alumni.

LinkedIn is an extremely popular resource for online networking. Unlike Facebook, which is used for both personal and professional networking, LinkedIn is a resource specifically for professional networking. As more employers are using the Internet to research and research job prospects, Many people use online resources like LinkedIn to create a professional presence online and helps to build their online reputation.

You can check out Guy Kawasaki’s Ten Ways To Use LinkedIn for more tips on how to get the best results from your LinkedIn profile.

So why start a DePaul Alumni Group on LinkedIn, you may ask? The DePaul Office of Alumni Relations started a LinkedIn Group for alumni due to a multitude of requests from you, our alumni community. We started the group back in January, and the time of this blog post, membership has grown to over 1,500 members. All members are verified as DePaul alumni status before they join, so please be patient if your membership takes a day or so to clear!

Since the launch of the DePaul Alumni group, LinkedIn has offered new features to improve communication between LinkedIn members. Here are a couple:

Discussion Groups: If you’re looking for professional advice or have career/networking information that you want to share with other DePaul Alumni LinkedIn Group members, the discussion section is the place to go. We’ve only started to tap the potential of the community we can build here.

If you want to communicate with LinkedIn members outside of the DePaul Alumni group, try LinkedIn Answers where you can ask a professional question to others in your professional network or show your expertise by answering someone else’s.

Updates and member search: The updates section is a way to keep up with new members of the DePaul Alumni LinkedIn Group and keep track of the latest discussions. If you are looking for a specific person in the alumni group or for other members who are your professional field, you can look them up in the members section. What’s great about LinkedIn’s search function is that you can also find out if an alumni group member is already connected to someone you know, taking a bit of the awkwardness out of that initial introduction.

So that you are equipped with knowledge on how to make the most out of our LinkedIn Groups for alumni, go out there and make some connections! Good luck.

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