Alumni in the news – True-Blue Demon

14 Oct

Here’s an article that was featured in last Sunday’s Chicago Sun Times about former Blue Demon and NBA star Mark Aguirre, who was voted 11th Greatest Athlete in Chicago History by the newspaper. Aguirre is certainly not shy about wearing his hometown loyalties on his sleeve:

‘I’ve lived in a lot of other places, but I’ll always be hard-core Chicago.”

He was certainly not the only one:

Instead of fleeing the gang-infested streets of his West Side neighborhood by accepting a scholarship from a school far away, Aguirre stayed home and played for DePaul coach Ray Meyer.

He was about to lift the little school near the L tracks and its legendary coach onto a national stage.
”You want to know what a true Chicago fan Ray Meyer was?” asked Joey Meyer, who recruited Aguirre relentlessly for his father. ”We were supposed to meet Mark on signing day. This is the biggest catch of Coach’s career, and he’s late. Do you know why he was late? He was watching the end of the Bears game.”

Let’s hear it for hard-core Chicagoans!

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