Around DePaul – Theatre School Script Library

29 Oct

Here’s something cool to file away in the “DePaul Best Kept Secret” files. Did you know that the DePaul Theatre School has a script library? Here’s more, courtesy of Theatre School News, the alumni newsletter of the Theatre School:

ELIZABETH SCHMESKI (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism,’09), one of the script librarians, stated that “The actors have the theatre school lounge, the designers have the studio spaces and the basement of the Annex, and the TheatreStudies students have the script library.”

PATRICK MCLEAN (BFA, Playwrighting,’10), the other script librarian, mentioned that along with needing more contemporary scripts, he is focusing on expanding scripts written by Chicago area playwrights. At the same time, Elizabeth is working to expand the diversity of the scripts, both the playwrights and the topics of plays, which are available in the script library.

You can read more about the Theatre School Script Library (and how you can help it grow) on page 6 of the Theatre School News October 2008 issue (PDF).

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