DePaul on The Web – Cubbies 101

5 Nov

DePaul got some online attention from about its Freshman year class on the Chicago Cubs. It’s part of DePaul’s First Year Program that introduces students to the history and culture of Chicago.”

from flickr user Matt Logelin

from flickr user Matt Logelin

Here’s more from

About 25 bright young minds gather at DePaul University twice a week for an in-depth class every Chicagoan can relate to… For those scoring at home, it’s course number ISP 102-709: Chicago Cubs, taught by professor Blair Banwart and assisted by Ed Pniak.

That’s right, a class about baseball. The syllabus includes a look at the history of the club since the 1870s and its effect on the surrounding community. It is one of many freshman-level classes offered at DePaul designed to ease the transition from high school to college, especially for students unfamiliar with the city.

Find out more about the Chicago Quarter programs and courses for First Year students at

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