DePaul Students Show Some Innovation

26 Nov
Justin Henderson, Jeff Peyton, Kevin Down, Marco Salazar and Reginald Stevens

The DePaul team: Justin Henderson, Jeff Peyton, Kevin Down, Marco Salazar and Reginald Stevens

A team of DePaul University MBA students was one of 10 finalists in the Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Sustainable Innovation Summit, an annual business school competition that attracted teams from 47 universities in 11 countries

DePaul’s group, which consisted of first-year MBA students Kevin Down, Justin Henderson, Jeff Peyton, Marco Salazar and Reginald Stevens, vied for the top prize – $20,000 and the title “Global Champions of Sustainable Innovation”. For the contest, teams had to propose an innovative business solution, such as an idea for a product or service, brand reinvention, international development breakthrough or process improvement, that would help grow sales and profits in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

DePaul competitor Peyton says, “[The contest] was a lot of work, including one short case analysis to qualify for the championship round and two longer case analyses in the final round… Coursework helped hone our conceptual and analytical skills, and Kellstadt‘s additional focus on practical soft skills – including team building and presentation skills – gave us an edge over the competition.”

All participants in the final round, including DePaul’s team, received 1,000 shares of EcoVerdance stock, a surprise gift from the company’s executives. Nice work, guys!

Read more in DePaul University News.

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