Get To know – Adam T’Koy, Assistant Director, Alumni Regional Chapters and Groups

17 Dec


Adam, a 2008 graduate from DePaul’s College of Commerce, joined the Office of Alumni Relations this fall after working here as an intern. Demon Tracks talked to Adam on his job as the go-to guy for DePaul’s nationwide alumni community.

Demon Tracks: Tell us about what you do here in the Office of Alumni Relations.

Adam: I’m in charge of all regional events and programs, so I deal with anything outside Chicago.

We have seven regional chapters in major metropolitan areas: Arizona,  Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles/Orange County, Washington, D.C. and New York City. Those are our major chapters because that’s where our highest alumni populations are. I work with chapter committees to help plan alumni events.

We’ve had some smaller groups develop lately; those alumni are our real go-getters because we don’t have official chapters in their areas. We have a really strong group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in the San Francisco Bay area. Alumni contacted me and we’ve put together some really interesting events for them: happy hours, game watches and fun things like that.

Demon Tracks: What are some of the bigger chapter and group events you have planned for the end of the year and 2009?

Adam: The Dallas group has a holiday party coming up on December 19th, which was put together by Mike Crawford (MBA ’07) and Anne Campana (MBA ‘99). They’re meeting at an Italian restaurant in downtown Dallas, so we’re hoping to see a big turnout.

We also have the Nationwide Game Watch in six of our seven chapters, and in some additional areas, so we’re reaching about 15 areas across the country. They’ll be watching DePaul play against Marquette University on Saturday, Jan. 24.

Demon Tracks: If someone wants to connect with alumni in their area and plan an event in a city that doesn’t have a formal chapter or group, what do they need to do to get started?

Adam: All they need to do is shoot me an e-mail or call (312) 362-7174. I can help them get in contact with other area alumni. If someone has an idea for an event and maybe a venue, then I work with them help to organize things.

Thanks Adam!

You can get updated on events and news on our seven regional chapters at the DePaul Alumni and Friends website:

If you’re looking for events taking place in other locations, check our “additional areas” page on the  Alumni & Friends  website.

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