Public Art On Display – Calling All South Chicago Blue Demons

6 Feb

A shout out to DePaul community members living in South Chicago! Have y’all seen the beautiful mural on the Family Dollar wall at 91st and Commercial? That’s the work of Bro. Mark Elder, C.M., adjunct art professor and university public art coordinator at DePaul, and his students.

You can view a You Tube video of the mural here:

South Chicago Blue Demons, tell us what you think of this mural. Go see it if you haven’t yet. That piece of public art tells a great story about the role some heroes in this Chitown neighborhood played in the struggle for civil rights and social justice.

Does anyone know it?

Another thing. Did you know that Bro. Mark and his students, past and present, have created at least 20 murals in various Chicago neighborhoods, often in collaboration with local artists and community organizations?

Yes, that’s right! DePaul’s fingerprints are all over Chicago. But the cops won’t come tapping on your shoulder because it’s all for good. So, look out for signs of your university next time you take a walk in your neighborhood.

And if you’re a current or former student of Bro. Mark, especially if you’ve participated in painting and installing any of these murals, please give us some love back.

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