Double happiness as MLK, Obama celebrated

12 Feb

photo: sheri lee

Coming on the weekend preceding the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African-American U.S. president, this year’s DePaul University Black Leadership Coalition (DPUBLC) celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday had an additional layer of specialness to it.


On Jan. 17, scores of DPUBLC members and other DePaul faculty, staff, students and alumni volunteered alongside 4,000 Chicago residents on service projects designed to improve the quality of life in underserved communities.


Additional MLK events organized by the DePaul community included:


* A Jan. 19 prayer breakfast at the Lincoln Park Campus student center that featured educator Robert Moses, a pivotal organizer of the civil rights movement, as keynote speaker


*A DePaul College of Law-sponsored address, also on Jan. 19, by Terry Smith, a labor law professor at Fordham University, at the Lewis Center


* A Jan. 29 panel discussion on the Loop Campus about the meaning of President Obama’s promised change for Africans and African Americans. Prexy Nesbitt, activist and educator and Africa expert, and Mary Mitchell, award-winning Chicago Sun-Times columnist and board member, were featured at this event hosted by the School for New Learning


Watch this space for DePaul-related Black History Month news.

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