Special Request from an alumna – Family Recipes Wanted for TV Pilot

24 Feb

Los Angeles-based Theatre School Alum Colleen Cavanaugh Anthony (BFA, Acting, ’96) has a special request for the DePaul alumni community:

FAMILY RECIPES WANTED for TV pilot. If you know someone (within the U.S.) who has an amazing family recipe (and back-story) that has been handed down from generation-to-generation, that is “to-die-for” or has made them well-known within their town or community, (snacks, appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, or desserts) and they are willing to share the recipe’s long, rich history within the family, along with sharing the actual recipe itself, then contact us immediately, so that they can be filmed for a new TV series. Send us a short paragraph about the family, their background, the name of the dish, a brief description of the recipe, its food category (see list above) and most importantly contact info with a working phone number. We will contact you within 24-36 hours. Please contact us by e-mail ASAP and put “Family Recipe” in the subject line. info@miss-info.net

Thanks to Theatre School Dean John Bridges for the tip!

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