Calling All Women Writers

23 Mar

DePaul alumna Diane Ledet (SNL ’08) recently started an online women’s writing group, Digi Demons, and she invites her fellow femmes to join in sharing their writing. Demon Tracks caught up with Diane to talk a bit about her ambitions.

“The online forum was the easiest way that I could set something up so that anyone who wanted to participate could be a part of it,” says Diane. Though she admits that initially she was hesitant to go the blogging route, after some encouragement from her son she decided to give it a try. Now she says, “I guess I’m a blogger!”

Using the blog format, Diane shares weekly writing prompts—usually new ones are up on Thursday or Friday each week—as well as info on contests and publishing venues, plus some of her own work. “If [the prompts] spark some creativity in your imagination and you want to write something, you can post. And if you have something that you’ve written and would just like to share with others, you can post it as well,” she says.

Ultimately, Diane hopes members will share their own favorite writing prompts, collaborate and give each other feedback. For now, she’s excited to have the blog up and running. “If you like it, it’s here. I don’t know what it’ll grow to… I’d like to see a lot of people participating, women writing—that’s really my goal—to give people a safe place to write.”

Wanna join up with fellow DePaul women writers, share your work or just check out the writing prompts? Feel free to stop by Digi Demons at:

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