Faith, Justice and Learning at DePaul

14 Apr

There’s no place quite like DePaul, especially for exploring the intersections between education and service. This summer, DePaul hosts the National Faith, Justice and Civic Learning Conference, a three-day gathering of college faculty, staff and students to discuss spirituality, teaching, learning and service.

The topics may be weighty, but the conversation is important.

“We in higher education are preparing professionals who will become our world’s leaders, and we must encourage students NFJCLto make socially responsible actions part of their personal and professional lives,” says the Rev. Guillermo Campuzano, C.M., a conference speaker and DePaul faculty member. “This is only possible if we link spirituality, justice and education.”

The conference fits nicely into DePaul’s Vincentian mission and values. “The Vincentian style of higher education focuses on how we can reduce poverty, create systemic change and stand in solidarity with marginalized people and communities,” says Campuzano. His presentation at the conference will explore concrete experiences from suffering and higher education’s role in helping students address injustice.

Other conference speakers come from the University of Notre Dame, Yale University, Florida State University, the Interfaith Youth Core, Campus Compact and Salter McNeil & Associates, LLC.

Interested in attending the conference? Register now!

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