All You Need Is Love: DePaul Tennis

15 Apr
from flickr user AlpenaMi

from flickr user AlpenaMi

The No. 5 conference seed DePaul men’s tennis team is playing their final regular season match today, and on Friday they head to the  2009 BIG EAST Conference Championships where they’ll face off against Marquette, ya dig? Hopefully they have some nice, sunny weather on the Varsity Courts of USF (11 a.m. CST)… unlike the rainy days we’ve been having in Chicago!

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on some of the team’s top stats earners:  Singles player Austin Doerner has had a recent string of nine-straight victories in the top match. Blue Demon Jose Moncada contributed a 14-4 record in singles, and has a team-high record with 24-9 overall. Last Sunday, Bartosz Jozwiak eclipsed the 20-match win mark, earning his 21st singles victory of the season. Way to go, guys!

Last year, the Blue Demons upset a ranked Cardinal squad to earn third place at the BIG EAST Conference Championships… what will they do this year?

Keep up with the latest results on the Blue Demons’ website.

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