From Swine Flu to Finance Curriculum: Faculty in the News

1 May

As midterms week wraps up at DePaul, our faculty are taking a break from proctoring and grading exams to offer their insights into the news.

Crain’s Chicago Business featured Ali Fatemi, chair of the department of finance, in an article exploring how the recent economic turmoil is forcing schools to change how finance classes are taught.

In the Chitown Daily News, two DePaul professors weighed in on the city of Chicago’s response to the threat of swine flu. From the article:

“I think their response has been right on,” says Dr. Paula Kagan, an assistant professor of nursing at DePaul University. “The city is taking this very seriously and is making the appropriate decisions to have meetings at the right levels to assess the situation on a moment-by-moment basis. I don’t know what else they could do.”

The second DePaul professor, Brooke Fisher Liu, an assistant professor of communication, suggests (surprise, surprise!) that college students don’t always follow current events.  

“I can tell you from the microcosm of my students, they have not heard that from Mayor Daley,” she says, of the mayor’s messages of prevention.

Last but not least, as President Barack Obama marked his 100th day in office, the Star Press quoted Michael Mezey, a political science professor, on the importance of a president’s first 100 days.

“The capital that he has in terms of public opinion and popular support begins to erode almost from the day he gets into office,” Mezey said. “So the conventional wisdom is to move as quickly as you can on your big issues early on, and then maybe do what you can in that second year as people start looking toward the congressional midterm elections.”

Yes, that’s DePaul — teaching, researching and contributing to the community’s understanding of current events.

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