Former Marketing Major Takes L.A. Detour

12 May

After graduating from DePaul with an honors degree in marketing, you’d think your daily uniform might be a buttoned-down shirt and tie, maybe a suit– right? Not so much for Derek Jordan (COM ’07), who just last month released his first album. “Identity” caps Derek’s two-year breaking-in as a live solo act in Los Angeles, where he bolted right after graduation. There his “psyche alternative rock”
and highly individual on-stage presence have drawn standing-room-only crowds in venues including Whiskey A Go Go and King King Hollywood.

“When I perform I wear white pants and no shirt. I paint my hand red and put the handprint on my chest,” says Jordan. “I do it front of everyone. It’s something that separates me from other artists.” The handprint goes along with the album’s theme — everyone is an individual and has something unique to offer.

Being an individual has always been important to Jordan. During his time at DePaul he signed up for open mic nights around Chicago to help push him out of his comfort zone. “It was the first time I started playing songs by myself and singing them in front of people. The best part was forcing myself to talk to people and develop my social skills which are very important to have in the entertainment industry,” he said.

The marketing know-how Derek picked up at DePaul has come in handy during his quest for a music career, too. “My music is very much about why people think the way they do. Being a marketing major and exploring consumer marketing, the reasons behind why people buy what they buy, helped shape the way I think about life and write these songs.”

You might want to download his album here so you can say you knew him before he was a big star, heck even follow him on Twitter if you want!

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