Free Tuition and Bus Travel: DePaul in the News

1 Jul

Demon Tracks has news to share (which, of course, is why we exist!). First, have you heard that DePaul is helping celebrate veterans’ service by giving them the opportunity to earn a college degree nearly for free? From the Chicago Sun-Times:

U.S. veterans will soon be able to attend DePaul University — essentially for free.

DePaul announced Thursday it will take part in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, which covers almost all tuition expenses for veterans.

For more information about the admission process, contact Pamela Lee at (312) 362-8464 or visit

Second, our resident transportation expert, Joseph Schwieterman, has been in demand to comment on why intercity bus travel has gained huge market share. From The Washington Times:

Experts cite a confluence of four factors behind the transformation: digitally connected youngsters, inner-city revitalization, new bus design and online ticketing, says Joseph Schwieterman, a professor of public service at DePaul University who specializes in urban transportation issues.

“Young urban dwellers don’t have any particular attachment or affinity for the car,” Mr. Schwieterman says. “For them, the intercity buses have become almost an extension of the public transit system. They’re a low-cost, flexible way to go from Washington to New York.”

Schwieterman also is quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article about bus travel.

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