In Memoriam – Karl Malden, Actor and Graduate

2 Jul
Courtesy of Flickr user John McNab.

From Flickr user John McNab.

Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden, a graduate of the Goodman School of Drama, which became The Theatre School at DePaul, told us “Don’t leave home without it” and took us to the waterfront and the streets of San Francisco. He died Wednesday at the age of 97.

From TV Guide:

Academy Award winner Karl Malden, who starred alongside friend Marlon Brando in such classic films at “A Streetcar Named Desire” and  “On the Waterfront,” and won another generation of fans with the TV show “The Streets of San Francisco,” has died….

Born in Chicago as Mladen Sekulovich, Malden was the son of a Czech seamstress and a Serbian steel worker. He first pursued acting in 1934, by enrolling in the Goodman School at DePaul University, and went on to a career spanning seven decades and more than 50 films.

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