DePaul alum gets Oscar buzz and Time Out love

8 Dec

Check out the latest Time Out Chicago for an interview with DePaul alum Brad Smith, a grad of The Theatre School, whose song “Help Yourself” is featured in the new George Clooney film Up In The Air. The song plays a big role in the film and scored Smith some early Oscar buzz.

from Time Out Chicago:

Oscar blogs began buzzing that “Help Yourself” would be a contender for Best Original Song. Smith later admitted to having some of the chord structure and the melody before Reitman contacted him, a violation of the strict Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stipulations for the category. “Paramount explained that other studios are going to be seeking to get you. And so I didn’t want to be bogged down with having to explain stuff when I knew that the reality was, under the strictest definition of the rules, it didn’t qualify. It’s still eligible for the Golden Globes,” he says, grinning. “Which would be something.”

Dashed Oscar hopes aside, congrats and good luck, Brad!

One Response to “DePaul alum gets Oscar buzz and Time Out love”

  1. Beck Davlatov December 14, 2009 at 1:32 am #

    Congratulations Brad! One day they will hang his portrait on the hallway wall in one of the DePaul’s buildings to inspire students.

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