Celebrate MLK Jr. Day with DePaul

15 Jan

MLK Breakfast It’s a common Facebook status update today: “Looking forward to my 3-day weekend!!” But on Monday, Jan. 18, it’s not just about sleeping in and lounging around. DePaul will be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a variety of events on campus during the month of January and into February. Take a peek:

Jan. 18
* Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast
Includes a theatrical performance by Austin Talley (THE ’07) and keynote address from Lawrence Edward Carter Sr., dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel and professor of religion at Morehouse College.

* 12th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Reflection and Commemoration

* Screening of “Citizen King” from noon to 2 p.m. in the atrium of the Student Center

Jan. 21
* “Increasing Innovation and Productivity by Building a Diverse Workforce” Panel Discussion

Jan. 22
* DPUBLC 2nd Annual Black Town Hall Meeting

Feb. 1
DePaul Celebrates Black Historical Veterans Dinner
The dinner will honor Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Triple Nickels and others

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