Radio DePaul Gets Radio Gold

12 Mar

DePaul Students at Work

Sounds like some congratulations are due to the student-run Radio DePaul, named Best College Station in the Nation and winner of several other awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS)!

A DePaul University press release details the “judgery”:

A panel of professional broadcasters rated Radio DePaul as the best college radio station in the nation based on criteria such as quality of programming, service to the community, overall sound of the station and station management and operation, said Len Mailloux, board chairman of IBS, which has more than 1,000 member stations.

Besides the “best in show” Radio DePaul received these additional accolades:

  • Best Station Promo: Rockband Giveaway; Best Event Promo: Blue Madness; and Most Creative Show: “The Midnight Rider,” all by Nick Freeman
  • Most Innovative Show: “Days of Wonder” with Shan Kahn and Ben Gappa
  • Best Community News and Best Spot News: Charles Haines and Lars Weborg (Olympics Announcement Coverage)
  • Best Sports Update: Lars Weborg
  • Best Newscast: Erin Osmon, Jason Shough and Lars Weborg

Tune in and listen from anywhere with Internet access at and iTunes radio. Programming features talk shows, author interviews and news as well as sports reports and live play-by-play of DePaul athletic games.

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