Introducing the President’s Club Street Team!

20 Apr

Here’s a message from alum Erin Garvey about an exciting new project:

DePaul’s “takin’ it to the streets” (::cue the Doobie Brothers::) to get the word out about its discounted President’s Club membership to recent graduates. Though DePaul graduates over 2,000 students each school year, how many know of you out there know that you can become PC members soon after graduation — and at a huge discount?

Here’s where the President’s Club Street Team comes into action.

The President’s Club Street Team is comprised of young alumni from a cross-section of the university, including Commerce, CDM, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Communication. Some Street Teamers earned their undergraduate or graduate degrees from DePaul, and there are a few double Demons in the mix. If you graduated within the past 5-10 years, you may even know one of us.

If you attend university events, you may see PC Street Team members talking up the perks of being a young alumnus PC member—like being invited to exclusive university events, such as the President’s Holiday Celebration, for example. You may also hear from Street Teamers that the university considers its PC members its closest friends and greatest advocates. They’ll probably also remind you that there’s always that heartwarming feeling of knowing that your gift to DePaul is making a big difference in someone’s life. Pretty sweet, eh?

Many Blue Demons—in the upwards of 70%–can afford to attend DePaul, thanks to scholarships. Chances are you were among this 70%. For as little as $21 a month, your contribution can mean the difference between a current DePaul student being able to continue her studies versus dropping out due to financial hardship. The Street Team wants to make other young alumni aware of this and encourage them to begin contributing to DePaul early on in their career.

Keep an eye out for us at future university and Alumni Relations events. We’d love for you to help us spread the word about how easily—and quickly—young alumni can make a positive difference in current Blue Demons’ lives.

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