SNL Writers (no, not *that* SNL)

27 Apr

In recent years, DePaul’s School for New Learning (SNL) has strengthened its focus on writing across the curriculum, and it’s graduates are showing just how far good writing skills can go. SNL alums are making it in careers as writers, playwrights and authors. Take a look at these SNL grads and the incredible work they’re doing:

  • Mark A. Bryan (SNL ’86): internationally recognized expert in creativity and innovation and author of five best-selling books; best known for his self-help books, including “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,” which he co-authored with Julia Cameron
  • Penny Pollack (SNL ’07): dining editor at Chicago Magazine, co-authored with Jeff Ruby the book “Everybody Loves Pizza: The Deep Dish on America’s Favorite Food” (Emmis Books, 2005)
  • Robert Knight (SNL MA ’96): author of “Journalistic Writing: Building the Skills, Honing the Craft” (Marion Street Press) and “The Craft of Clarity” (Iowa State Press, 1998); has worked as a writer and/or editor at United Press International and Chicago’s famed City News Bureau and has written freelance articles for more than 40 publications and news services, including Christian Science Monitor, Reuters and The Washington Post. Knight was a professional writer before coming to SNL, but said, “SNL forever broadened the palette that I work from. It taught me to think more clearly and deeply than I ever have about philosophy, leadership and a world view.”
  • Marion S. Orem (SNL ’81): a digital storyteller and author of “Women Who RV and Their Kindred Spirits” (Authentic Voices Productions LLC, 2007)
  • Leslie Fox (SNL ’93): self-published a book on Bowens Family Theory; CEO of Care Communications Inc., a national health information management consulting firm; author of numerous articles, papers and publications, including “The Art of Change Management to Lead Successful Projects;” currently, she is co-author of the “Hands-On Help” column that appears monthly in ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals

For more on this topic, visit the DePaul Newsroom to read the full article.

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