Alum Erin Garvey: Why I Support DePaul

3 Jun

Since 2002, DePaul and I have supported each other.

I left home, my entire family, and all my friends back in Northeast Ohio to start my undergrad here in 2002; graduated summa cum laude in 2006; and returned as a full-time employee and as a full-time graduate student in 2008. I’ll soon yet again walk across the stage at Allstate Arena and become a Double Demon.

Clearly, I value this institution and want to support the work its doing.

Mind you, as a 20-something myself, I know “support” implies a variety of things. For me, supporting DePaul has meant giving of myself and my resources however I can at that point in my life. This has ranged from serving as an ASK volunteer by helping students get through practice interviews or portfolio presentations to speaking to an ISP class (remember those?), helping as-yet undecided students figure out how they could decide on a major and an eventual career path.

More recently, “support” has manifested in my current employment with the university because I want to do my part to ensure that generations of future students who want to attend DePaul, can. My President’s Club Street Team participation comes into play here, too, because I want all my DePaul alumni pals to know that there are awesome incentives (both material and heartwarming!) to give at drastically-reduced President’s Club levels and that, by doing so, we “young alumni” can make a huge difference in current students’ lives.

Though I may not think that the monies I give to the university each month will be all that powerful, for many students in our current economy, my President’s Club membership makes the difference from them being forced to drop-out to them being able to continue their studies and ultimately, graduate. People who came before me, like other alumni, made it possible for me to attend such a fine university, so now it’s my turn to do the same. And really, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about: paying it forward. Doing unto others as I have been done unto.

Who made it happen for you? Consider doing the same for someone else.

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