Katie Secor (LAS ’05): I’ll be at Reunion Weekend

3 Aug

The Demon Tracks staff members are pleased to welcome guest blogger Katie Secor (LAS ’05).  *applause*

In Katie’s Words: Earlier this year, I received an email from DePaul’s Alumni Relations office looking for volunteers for Reunion Weekend 2010 committees. As a recent alum I hesitated about getting involved because I wasn’t sure I had been “gone” long enough to really celebrate the anniversary of my graduation. However, after reflecting back on my four years at DePaul University, and all of my interesting professors, unique classes and sorority memories, I found myself drawn to the idea of getting involved and taking advantage of a unique way to give back. Today, as one of the co-chairs of the Class of 2005 Reunion Committee, and a member of the Fraternity and Sorority Reunion Committee, I urge all DePaul alumni to attend Reunion Weekend 2010 (October 15-17).

I know it’s easy to think of excuses and not attend Reunion Weekend. You don’t want to spend the money, you don’t want to attend alone, you don’t want to travel, etc. However, it’s much easier to think of reasons to attend. Here are just a few:

1). Reconnect with old friends. Remember that awesome suitemate you had freshmen year in U-Hall, but haven’t seen since the day you graduated? Or how about the fraternity brother who got married and moved to California? Reach out to old friends and see if they are planning to attend. Post on Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog that you are attending and looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and classmates.

2). Network. In today’s economy there is no such thing as too much networking. You never know who you might meet or reconnect with who can become a mentor, reference and/or lead to a new and exciting opportunity.

3). Demonstrate your loyalty. Think of Reunion Weekend as a way to give back and stay connected to the community in which you spent several years. As a young alum, I can’t afford to give generously to DePaul yet, but I do plan to make a gift in celebration of my reunion. Plus, by attending Reunion Weekend events and volunteering my time on reunion committees, I am demonstrating how much I value my education and how much my time at DePaul meant to me.

Whether you are from the class of 2005 or 1955 (or anywhere in between), I hope to see you in October!

Get ready for Reunion Weekend:

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