Thanks for the Memories!

10 Sep

School started at DePaul University this week and a new crop of first-year students are traversing all over campus — getting lost on the L, forgetting their dorm name and generally having a great time! In the spirit of the new school year, @depaulalumni (on Twitter) asked alumni followers for their memories of the first few days at DePaul. Here’s a sampling of their thoughts…

@jbandersoncpa The 1st day of class was my 4th day ever in Chicago. Got lost on the El back to LPC, ended up at 63rd. Oops.

@jenod85 Late night Clark’s! And taking the L for the first time – only I went the wrong way.

@advitak Not sure I call it a favorite memory, but all SPS students were *mugged* by the director — given SPS mugs in the first class.

@dunjastef I missed my 1st class bc I thought the door was locked, turns out it was just heavy

@jbasile Fiesta Mexicana and singing songs that we made up in the Quad, yes, I was a theater major!

Want to share a story from your first few days at DePaul? Follow @depaulalumni on Twitter or add your comments below. We love hearing your memories and so do your fellow graduates!

One Response to “Thanks for the Memories!”

  1. Tim Padden September 10, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    Took the Brown Line the wrong way, ended up on Kimball instead of the Loop.

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