DePaul Alumna Crowned Ms. Corporate America

25 Mar
Nancy Nguyen

Photo courtesy of

At 4’10”, Nancy Nguyen (MBA ’09) is small, but her big personality and big dreams earned her the title of Ms. Corporate America 2011. Now she is looking forward to a year of touring the country and speaking to audiences about her platform: helping women succeed in business.

“This pageant is going to give me a bigger voice to help entrepreneurial women throughout the world,” says Nancy, a trilingual, first-generation immigrant. She now lives in Raleigh, N.C., where she operates her own business, Sweet T Salon.

Nancy has been participating in pageants since she was 16 to earn scholarship money. “It’s a sport,” she says. “There’s a certain way you walk, talk and carry yourself; a certain way you sit; a certain way you make eye contact.” In addition to the title, she won awards at the Ms. Corporate America pageant for best athletic wear, best evening wear, best community service and Miss Congeniality.

As part of her duties, Nancy will conduct professional workshops and participate in radio and TV broadcasts. The first stop on her tour will bring her through Chicago for an appearance at a White Sox event on April 29.

Congratulations again, Nancy!

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