World Catholicism Week 2011

7 Apr

Next week DePaul will celebrate World Catholicism Week 2011, the theme of which focuses on the unity and diversity of the global Catholic community. As a richly diverse institution with students representing over 100 countries around the world, DePaul University will host three events over the week to recognize the strength of diversity within the Catholic community.

The week’s events will be dedicated to the courageous figure of Fr. Augustus Tolton (1854-1897). Fr. Tolton was the first publicly recognized African American priest in the United States. As a freed slave and an ordained priest, Fr. Tolton still had to flee his original diocese in southern Illinois and move to Chicago on account of racism. Throughout World Catholicism Week 2011, we will remember Fr. Tolton’s saintly witness and urban ministry in the city of Chicago.

World Catholicism Week 2011 Events:

Monday, April 11
Catholic Spirituality: A Global Communion

Maria Voce, President of Focolare

Thomas Norris, author of The Trinity: Life of God, Hope for Humanity
David Schindler, author of Heart of the World, Center of the Church

Tuesday & Wednesday, April 12-13
The Discourse of Catholicity

John Allen, author of The Future Church
Michael Budde, author of The Borders of Baptism: Identities, Allegiances, and the Church
Peter Casarella, director, Center for World Catholicism & Intercultural Theology, DePaul University
Walter Euler, professor, Fundamental Theology & Ecumenical Theology, University of Trier (Germany)
Emmanuel Katongole, author of The Sacrifice of Africa
Anselm Min, author of Solidarity of Others in a Divided World
Margarita Mooney, author of Faith Makes Us Live: Surviving & Thriving in the Haitian Diaspora
Robert Schreiter, author of The New Catholicity and Constructing Local Theologies

Photo by John Powers

Thursday, April 13
Urban Studies in the Mirror of World Catholicism

Speaker:  Graham Ward, author of Cities of God

If you are interested in attending any events, register today. Space is limited! For more information an to register, contact us by phone at (773) 325-4158 or by email at

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