Arts Alumni take part in SNAAP

21 Sep

DePaul University is participating in the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) – a survey that explores the lives of arts alumni nationwide.

After confirming a valid e-mail address with our alumni office, arts alumni can be sure not to miss the chance to share school and life experiences and help shape the future of arts education across the country and at DePaul University.

Alumni completing the survey will be invited to access a site to see how the school and career experiences they’ve shared compare with other graduates from across the country.  Arts alumni can see where other arts graduates live, where they work, what they earn and how their arts educations have influenced their lives.

The SNAAP survey will provide the first national data on how artists develop in this country, and help to identify the factors needed to better connect arts training to artistic careers. This will allow educators, researchers and arts leaders to look at the systemic factors that helped or hindered the career paths of alumni, whether they have chosen to work as artists or pursue other paths.

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