DePaul Sets Multiple Enrollment Records for Fall 2011

4 Nov

DePaul University’s fall enrollment is at an all-time high, with record numbers across multiple categories. Here’s a breakdown of some of the impressive statistics:

  • This is the third straight year that DePaul’s fall enrollment has surpassed 25,000, with 25,398 students enrolled for fall 2011. The final class of 2,458 is about 10 percent larger than last year’s.
  • More than 16,700 students applied for the freshman class, which is 40 percent more than last year.
  • The average ACT score for incoming freshman was 25.4, an all-time high.
  • Overall minority enrollment increased 5 percent over fall 2010, and now 32 percent of students enrolled at DePaul are students of color.

According to David H. Kalsbeek, senior vice president for Enrollment Management and Marketing, “[O]ur greatest asset is the breadth and depth of our portfolio of academic programs in our schools and colleges. Combine that with the fact that Chicago is a destination, world-class city with great allure to students and you have a formula that is attractive to students looking to successfully meet their educational needs in a less-than-ideal economy.”

Click here to read full coverage of 2011 enrollment trends.

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