Student Scores Big Donation for Social Service

5 Dec

Taylor Lee, co-founder of Leaders for Tomorrow

Taylor Lee, a junior at DePaul, has secured a major gift from national cleanser company Dove to support a program she organized to help girls build self-esteem.

Lee, who studies public relations and advertising at DePaul, co-founded Leaders for Tomorrow, an organization that is centered on developing leadership and entrepreneurship in the college community. Part of Lee’s social mission is to work with young girls in the community by developing programming, curriculum and events that will encourage and enrich their self-esteem.

The funding opportunity arose while Lee was taking the PRAD 256 class in the College of Communication. One of her assignments was to write a business letter to a company, which Lee then used to support her request for funding from Dove. The company had gained national attention a few years ago for its Campaign for Real Beauty, which challenged the stereotypes set by the beauty industry. It featured regular women (non-models) who were beautiful in their own way and did not fit with the idealized images of models, supermodels and celebrities.

As well as monetary support, Leaders for Tomorrow received donations from other sources, such as product donations and guest speakers supporting their cause.

“The work we do with young girls is a part of a social mission we implemented in order to give back to the community,” says Lee. “I am very humbled by this gift and I know the girls will be thrilled.”

Not only was Dove impressed by Lee’s mission, her DePaul instructor, Judy Friedman, was too.

“What an example of resourcefulness, leadership, and applying your skills to make a difference in the world!” Friedman wrote in an email. “Positive outcomes like these are what education is all about!”

To learn more about Leaders for Tomorrow, or to support the cause, contact Lee at .

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