Kenmore Avenue Closure Tests Green Space Plan

1 May

Kenmore Avenue will be closed between Fullerton and Belden avenues during May as a trial run for DePaul University’s proposed green space.

Part of DePaul University’s Master Plan, Kenmore Green would take the place of the existing strip of Kenmore Avenue, extending the current Quadrangle and opening pedestrian walkways, benches, and other landscape elements for the community to gather and pass safely through the Lincoln Park Campus.

From May 1 through May 30, the 2300 N. block of Kenmore will be closed to vehicle traffic and parking but will allow full pedestrian access. The temporary closure will test the effect on traffic in the area and the impact on the community.

To kick off the proposed plan, DePaul is hosting a free block party on the closed-off road on Friday, May 4, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community are invited to enjoy live music, food and games at “Kickin’ It on Kenmore.”

Read more about the closure from The DePaulia.

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