Scholarship Stories: Anne Marie Dornoff (BUS ’14)

7 Jun

DePaul University attracts top students from around the world thanks to gifts from alumni, parents and friends, which in turn allow the university to offer competitive financial aid packages. For students like Anne Marie Dornoff, this support means the difference between attending their first-choice school and putting their dreams on hold.

“Growing up, my family split our time between Japan and the United States, but when I toured DePaul University during my senior year of high school, I found a place to call home. Thankfully, I was awarded the scholarships I needed to attend my dream college.”

Anne Marie’s story proves how students understand the value of the DePaul community and work hard to honor those who’ve supported them in their education.

“One of my favorite things about DePaul is that so many students take the Vincentian mission to heart. I know that alumni, parents and friends of DePaul honor it, too, because without their generosity I would not be a grateful scholarship recipient.”

The International Studies and Spanish major is spending her sophomore year living in the Vincent and Louise House, where residents commit at least six hours a week to community service.

“Members of the house are committed to faith, service, community and simple living. This experience has strengthened my commitment to social justice.”

This is the first in a series of stories focusing on DePaul scholarship recipients and how they benefit from the generosity of DePaul alumni and friends. Visit to learn more about how you can help students like Anne Marie.

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