Scholarship Stories: Jenna Bergevin (CSH ’13)

24 Jan

Jenna BergevinAlumni and friends who contribute to DePaul University’s scholarship funds make a huge impact on the lives of students and their families. Nearly three-quarters of students receive some form of financial assistance, and scholarship support can mean the difference between attending DePaul or not, as Jenna Bergevin explains.

“I wouldn’t be at DePaul if I didn’t have scholarships, because it’s a private school and Chicago is an expensive city. My scholarships reduced my tuition enough that I was able to come here. Thanks to my scholarships, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to focus on my education and hold an on-campus job that relates specifically to my coursework.”

Jenna’s scholarship reflects the university’s dedication to giving back, and this Vincentian commitment is also evident in DePaul’s many service opportunities.

“I struggled my freshman year deciding whether to do science as a career or as a hobby, because I’m also really into community service. So I was thinking maybe I could do international studies, but we have such a good service community here that I was able to pursue science as a career and do service on the side.”

Last year, this physics major (who is also a mathematics minor) led a DePaul/Global Brigades trip to Honduras, where the team built a middle school for a rural community. Education remains one of Jenna’s great passions, and she hopes to eventually teach at the university level.

“As a potential future faculty member, I’d like to give back just to pay it forward, because the scholarships I’ve received have been really beneficial to me. Getting a scholarship is a great reminder that your education is important and that you can help other people.”

This is the third in a series of stories focusing on DePaul scholarship recipients and how they benefit from the generosity of DePaul alumni and friends. Visit to learn more about how you can help students like Jenna.

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