Scholarship Stories: Lamont Weaver (CMN ’13)

7 Feb

LamontDePaul University strives to make higher education affordable to students from different backgrounds, particularly those who are the first in their families to attend college. Thanks to the support of alumni and friends, DePaul is able to offer scholarships and financial assistance to first-generation students like Lamont Weaver, who transferred to DePaul from a university in California.

“When I was researching DePaul, it really caught my eye. Not only was it in a great city like Chicago, but also, I noticed the Vincentian values and the fact that [DePaul] really encourages first-generation students. I myself am a first-generation student… [so] it seemed like the perfect fit for me.”

The Vincentian ideals that led Lamont to DePaul are also reasons for the university’s focus on scholarships. For many students, scholarship support makes a huge difference in their ability to attend DePaul.

“Private school is really expensive, but at DePaul, they’re not saying, ‘Hey, you decided to come here, it’s an expensive place, deal with it.’ They could have done that—a lot of universities do—but they want to help. DePaul actually gave me a scholarship, and it was just what I needed.”

As Lamont looks toward the future, he’s grateful for the financial, emotional and educational support he’s received throughout his time at DePaul.

“This is a school that’s not only trying to educate its students, but it’s trying to give students a chance. It’s rough out there these days, and a lot of students, especially from minority backgrounds, they need that support. They need a school that’s going to work with them and try to help cultivate and transform them into better students. I feel like when I graduate from here, my experiences will have made me into a better person.”

This is the fourth in a series of stories focusing on DePaul scholarship recipients and how they benefit from the generosity of DePaul alumni and friends. Visit to learn more about how you can help students like Lamont.

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