Moving Forward with Advice from Career Week 2013

1 Mar

For Career Week 2013, more than 1,000 DePaul alumni and graduate and CPE students gathered February 17-22 for a week of events to assist them in moving their careers forward. This year marked the sixth year anniversary for DePaul’s annual Career Week event. The Office of Alumni Relations, the Career Center and 20 other departments and organizations collaborated to bring participants an amazing lineup of activities and guest speakers.

Keynote Speaker Eric Hellige (CMN '05)

Keynote Speaker Eric Hellige (CMN ’05)

Career Week 2013 kicked off with an Opening Keynote Brunch address by Eric Hellige (CMN ’05), career services manager of CareerBuilder. Hellige gave participants exclusive insights on the recruiter prospective of job post boards. Alumna Donna Williams-Murray says, “The speaker was a phenomenal presenter. Eric came to share some information. He did not come to be an infomercial to promote/sell products—he came to share and teach his fellow alums how to utilize online job sites more succinctly, more strategically and more successfully. All I can say is: he came with preparation and passion; he conquered a skeptical, but hopeful audience; and he delivered an immeasurable amount of information, in a minuscule amount of time.”

Author Melissa Giovagnoli

Author Melissa Giovagnoli

Melissa Giovagnoli, best-selling author and social media expert, intrigued participants during her workshop “Networking is Dead.” Giovagnoli engaged participants by sharing personal experiences that formed her concepts on business networking. She left attendees inspired with the altruistic deed of providing all guests with a free copy of her book, “Networking is Dead.” Giovagnoli was part of Career Week’s author speaking series, where each day highlighted an author from the DePaul community. In addition to Giovagnoli, featured authors were Fernanda Hopkins, Alice Stuhlmacher, Ph.D., and Terri Lonier, Ph.D.

Did you attend Career Week 2013? Tell us about your experience by filling out the post-event survey. You can also get recaps, resources and handouts from individual sessions on the Career Week website.

If you missed last week’s events, DePaul offers more career services throughout the year! Visit the Alumni Career Services website for more workshops and networking opportunities.

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