Reunion Weekend: Which Group Defined Your DePaul Experience?

25 Sep

Clare Thomas (EDU ’05)

In honor of Reunion Weekend Oct. 18-20, we’re spotlighting this year’s affinity receptions, which recognize Honors Program alumni and those who were involved with University Ministry Community Service. Here, a community service alumna shares what the group meant to her. Remember: All alumni are welcome at Reunion Weekend 2013, so register today!

If you are reading this post, chances are something at DePaul hooked you. Maybe you dove into your field of study as you prepared your career, maybe you met your future husband or wife, or maybe you found your calling being part of a campus organization. For me, it was University Ministry Community Service. I enjoyed popping into the UMIN office for a few minutes to chat with classmates or staff. As part of the DePaul Community Service Association, I looked forward to our weekly meetings featuring discussion and food. During my time as an undergraduate, I loved being part of the UMIN family.

When I received an email earlier this year asking if I would help be part of the UMIN Community Service Reunion, I could not refuse. I had time available and the responsibilities seemed manageable. Moreover, I felt contacting fellow alumni was the least I could do for a group that defined my DePaul experience.

In attending the UMIN Community Service affinity reunion, I am most looking forward to catching up with people. My peers and the staff at University Ministry inspired and challenged me. I am curious to see where life has taken them and to hear about their experiences since leaving DePaul. I know I could find all of this information on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google. A reunion via social networking, however, fails to entice me. A reunion where I can actually talk to people? I’m in!

Hope to see you at the UMIN Community Service Reception on Saturday, Oct. 19! P.S. Who is bringing the hummus?

– Clare Thomas (EDU ’05)

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