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Use Your Degree to Give Back to DePaul

17 Jul

No, no, no. We didn’t say give your degree back to DePaul. That’s crazy talk! However, if you are in a charitable mood but are strapped for cash, like many others in this economy, then we may have an opportunity for you.

The Steans Center, DePaul’s community service learning facility, is unveiling an alumni outreach program and we’re asking you to be a part of it. According to Howard Rosing, Director of the Steans Center. The program is building a communty of alumni who are willing to lend their services or expertise to some of its community partners via its LinkedIn social networking page.

“Ideally we would know who they are and what they do for a living and we could tap them,” said Rosing. “For example, if we have a partner that has accounting issues and we know of an alum on our LinkedIn page who works at an accounting firm, would that person be willing to take two hours out of their time, pro bono, to have that conversation with our partner? These are the kinds of relationships we’re looking to build.”

Rosing and the Steans Center are looking closely at their long-term goals and are hoping for alumni to be a part of them. They are also encouraging students in their course initiative program to stay in touch after graduation and continue their relationship with the facility.

“We want to keep you engaged, not because you’re feeling bad, but because you are [genuinely] interested in the issues … ” said Rosing. “It’s also a great way to stay in touch with the DePaul world and what’s happening in it.”

If you would like to get involved with the Steans Center in other ways, contact Howard Rosing for details at

And the Chicago Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditing Educator of the Year

8 Jun

sheltonQuite a mouthful, we know, but Demon Tracks would like to give accountancy professor Sandra Shelton a well-deserved round of applause. She scored the Educator of the Year award by creating a class solely to teach students here at DePaul about internal auditing.

The class gives students a look into how staff members of a company can analyze business procedures to make sure it is operating at its best. “I developed the course to teach students the basics and challenges of this profession, which are becoming increasingly important in this global economy,” Shelton said.

The internal auditing class at DePaul debuted last year with 23 students. This year it has reached its capacity of 43 students. “More students wanted to join but the class couldn’t accommodate to them,” Shelton said. “They realized internal auditing is a viable profession, it was just a matter of fitting it into their schedule.”

With a big thanks to Shelton, students who enrolled in this class now have relationships with corporate auditing executives all over Chicago whom they meet with for at least two to three hours during the quarter. These execs have recruited DePaul students for internships and permanent positions, and continue to create lasting relationships with the University.

Kevin Stevens, DePaul director of the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems said, “the partnership that Professor Shelton created with our colleagues in the IIA puts the school at the forefront of accounting programs in the Midwest, providing the industry with well-trained and much-in-demand internal auditors.”

Congrats, Sandra! We think you should ask for a raise. That is — if you think it would promote operational effectiveness and all.

Former Marketing Major Takes L.A. Detour

12 May

After graduating from DePaul with an honors degree in marketing, you’d think your daily uniform might be a buttoned-down shirt and tie, maybe a suit– right? Not so much for Derek Jordan (COM ’07), who just last month released his first album. “Identity” caps Derek’s two-year breaking-in as a live solo act in Los Angeles, where he bolted right after graduation. There his “psyche alternative rock”
and highly individual on-stage presence have drawn standing-room-only crowds in venues including Whiskey A Go Go and King King Hollywood.
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DePaul Alum Brings Jazz Fusion to Chicago

24 Mar

—–When worlds collide, you get music from Rudresh Mahanthappa, a DePaul alumnus who released his latest album, Apti last November.

Mahanthappa says the album resembles… well… nothing really. It’s a one-of-a-kind fusion of jazz and world genres “about exploring my hybrid identity of being Indian and American,” said Mahanthappa during a phone interview with Demon Tracks. “It’s not necessarily about homogeny, but about a new identity in modern American culture.”

Mahanthappa received his MFA in jazz composition from the DePaul School of Music in 1998 and he praised the faculty and his experience at DePaul.

“The faculty at DePaul saw what my abilities were already and we tailored a curriculum for me. I had a certain freedom and lessons were more of a consultation, it was a very welcoming situation. Some of the guests that played in our classes ended up being people I collaborated with when I came to New York.”

The jazz sage performed at the legendary Green Mill nightclub in Chicago on Saturday, March 14, and held a concert with the rest of his ensemble from Apti on Sunday, March 15 at the Chicago Cultural Center. Noting the current spike in music school applications at DePaul and at schools around the country, he offered this advice to students:

“You have to be able to know how to hustle and talk to people,” he said. “Do things your way—don’t fall into a pattern because it’s what you’re supposed to do. Look at what’s important to you, not only for your career but for your lifestyle and be open to the possibilities.”

Check out Mahanthappa’s article in the New Yorker magazine, which appeared in the March 2nd issue.

DePaul Debuts Television News Program

5 Mar

“Welcome to ‘Good Day, DePaul,’ a newscast produced entirely by DePaul students… .” Sound familiar? Well, it shouldn’t! It’s the opening line of DePaul’s first-ever TV news show, “Good Day, DePaul,” one of the latest developments of the university’s budding College of Communication.

Students currently in the graduate journalism program run the show — from the control switch board to the anchors and reporters at the desk — and it’s all supervised by journalism professor Dr. Lisa Pecot-Hebert. Dr. Hebert was quoted in the DePaulia saying, “I figured if we had an award winning radio station and newspaper, then why not have a television presence?”

Each newscast is 10 minutes long and is taped once a month. It can be seen Monday through Friday on the DePaul channel at 5 p.m. in dorms around campus. Eventually, newscasts will be uploaded to the College of Communication website for all to see.

“I’m proud the TV station has a full studio and students are able to produce a whole show,” says graduate student Suzanne Traub. “Considering the station only began last quarter, it is impressive to see what other students can put together.”

“It’s great that members of the DePaul community are seeing news about DePaul reported by their peers,” says graduate student Natasha Roman. “It’s a wonderful way to both get the news out and to also show them how DePaul is making efforts to expand its communications program to match those of other well-known universities.” Check out a clip of the debut newscast:

And view a behind-the-scenes tour of the newsroom with anchor Gia Teolis.

We’ll be watching closely for new developments but for now, as they say in broadcasting, Good Night and Good Luck and ‘Good Day, DePaul!’