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10 Signs You Are a True Blue Demon

23 Feb

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This #DeMONDAY, in honor of Blue Demon Week and our upcoming Blue Demon Day, we created a new list for DePaul alumni! You are a true Blue Demon if…

  1. You registered weeks ago for Blue Demon Day coming up Feb. 28.
  2. You have liked every photo posted on the DePaulAlumni Instagram and are in the DePaul Alumni LinkedIn Group, like the DePaul Alumni Facebook Page and follow the DePaulAlumni Twitter
  3. You still know all of the weekly food and drink specials at Kelly’s and McGee’s.
  4. You are part of the True Blue Society because you a have donated to your alma mater three or more consecutive years.
  5. You set calendar reminders to sign up for sell-out alumni events like the Chicago Blackhawks Outing and the Young Alumni Fireworks Boat Cruise.
  6. You serve as an alumni volunteer through one or more of the many alumni volunteer opportunities and continue to put the Vincentian mission into practice on Vincentian Service Day.
  7. You find those little silver alumni pins in the bottom of your purse, pocket or on the lapel of all of your coats.
  8. You’re still not ready to talk about the loss of Demon Dogs.
  9. Your car has a DePaul Alumni decal displayed with pride.
  10. You’re ready to support the Blue Demon Challenge this Thursday and cheer for our men’s basketball team on Saturday, Feb. 28, at Blue Demon Day and our women on Sunday, March 1!

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Blue Demon Day Shirt Swap Is a Success

1 Feb

We thought our alumni would like to see what we’ve been doing on campus to prepare for DePaul’s inaugural Blue Demon Day! In honor of the event, coming up Feb. 2, 2013, the Office of Alumni Relations encouraged students, staff and faculty to trade in shirts from rivals schools. Each shirt swapper received a new Blue Demon Day shirt in exchange!

Check out a slideshow of some of the best donations we received, and learn more about DePaul’s spirited event on the Blue Demon Day website.

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So You Think You Know DePaul – January 2013

18 Jan
© 2013 DePaul University

© 2013 DePaul University

Blue Demon Day is  just weeks away on Saturday, Feb. 2, so this month we’re quizzing you on your knowledge of our school mascot instead of asking you to guess a certain mystery place! Soon after St. Vincent’s College became DePaul University, athletes wore uniforms with large ‘D’s printed on the front. During a game, an announcer referred to the players as the “D-men,” a name that stuck and transformed into Blue Demons. In what decade did DePaul first get the nickname that led to our current team name?

Happy guessing! And remember these trivia rules:

  • To enter, post your answer in the comments section by clicking “Leave a Comment” below.
  • The contest will be open Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, from 12:30 p.m. Central through 4 p.m. Central.
  • All of the correct answers will be compiled and a winner from that group will be drawn at random to win an alumni-themed prize. This month’s prize will include a special memento from the inaugural Blue Demon Day!

Show Your DePaul Pride on Blue Demon Day

4 Jan

BDD-Facebook_icon-AA new year brings new DePaul activities. For 2013, mark your calendar for the
inaugural Blue Demon Day on Feb. 2! The day is a chance for all Blue Demons—alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends—to show their school spirit and cheer their team on to victory.

Blue Demon Day is centered on the men’s basketball game against Notre Dame at 1 p.m. CST in the Allstate Arena and on ESPN2. Here’s how you can show your pride on the big day:

  • Celebrate by joining Chicagoland alumni at the arena for the game.
  • Attend one of the game-watches being held across the nation. (See the full list here. All are free, but be sure to register in advance.)
  • Wherever you watch, be sure to wear your DePaul gear!

Visit alumni.depaul.edu/bluedemonday to learn more. We look forward to a large alumni turnout on Feb. 2 to cheer on our Blue Demons!