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DePaul Debuts Television News Program

5 Mar

“Welcome to ‘Good Day, DePaul,’ a newscast produced entirely by DePaul students… .” Sound familiar? Well, it shouldn’t! It’s the opening line of DePaul’s first-ever TV news show, “Good Day, DePaul,” one of the latest developments of the university’s budding College of Communication.

Students currently in the graduate journalism program run the show — from the control switch board to the anchors and reporters at the desk — and it’s all supervised by journalism professor Dr. Lisa Pecot-Hebert. Dr. Hebert was quoted in the DePaulia saying, “I figured if we had an award winning radio station and newspaper, then why not have a television presence?”

Each newscast is 10 minutes long and is taped once a month. It can be seen Monday through Friday on the DePaul channel at 5 p.m. in dorms around campus. Eventually, newscasts will be uploaded to the College of Communication website for all to see.

“I’m proud the TV station has a full studio and students are able to produce a whole show,” says graduate student Suzanne Traub. “Considering the station only began last quarter, it is impressive to see what other students can put together.”

“It’s great that members of the DePaul community are seeing news about DePaul reported by their peers,” says graduate student Natasha Roman. “It’s a wonderful way to both get the news out and to also show them how DePaul is making efforts to expand its communications program to match those of other well-known universities.” Check out a clip of the debut newscast:

And view a behind-the-scenes tour of the newsroom with anchor Gia Teolis.

We’ll be watching closely for new developments but for now, as they say in broadcasting, Good Night and Good Luck and ‘Good Day, DePaul!’