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Political Science Graduate Takes Students to the Hill

21 Dec

Adjunct Professor Krista Johnsen takes her graduate class to the GovGreen Conference

Students attending a class trip to Washington, D.C., for their Sustainability and Environmental Policy class got a special treat from a DePaul alumnus now working on Capitol Hill.

Worku Gachou (LAS '09)

Worku Gachou (LAS ’09), a staffer under Congressman Ed Royce, gave the students an exclusive tour of the Capitol Building and talked about life after graduating from DePaul University. Students also met with Royce, the chairman of the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF), an organization that promotes public-private partnerships encouraging international economic development by protecting natural resources and implementing sustainability measures.

Adjunct Professor Krista Johnsen, who led the trip, also took the graduate students to other one-on-one meetings with lawmakers and officials, and students visited the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters to participate in the GovGreen Conference on the Federal Agency’s sustainability policy implementation efforts.

“The students very much enjoyed getting a small taste of what it’s like to work on The Hill,” says Johnsen.

Students John Geahan and Aron Philipchuk listen to Matt Bogoshian, EPA's senior policy counsel for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, at EPA Headquarters.

Obama Appoints DePaul Professor to Key Administration Post

6 Jul

Professor Patty Gerstenblith

The talents of a DePaul University professor have been discovered by the Obama administration. President Obama recently announced he would appoint DePaul University Professor, Patty Gerstenblith, to Chair the Cultural Property Advisory Committee.

Gerstenblith, a Distinguished Research Professor at the College of Law and Director for the Center for Art, Museum and Cultural Heritage Law at DePaul’s College of Law, is one of many new appointees filling posts within the administration that have been vacant for months.

As Chairman of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee, Gerstenblith will advise the president on necessary actions to  protect foreign cultural property from being illegally imported to the United States and sold to collectors. Members of the committee must decide which requests from foreign nations they will approve and review existing agreements with foreign nations. In general, the committee deals with cultural property including historical artifacts that would be sent to museums. In the past, the committee has approved the majority of requests for import controls on what it deems as “culturally significant” artifacts.

Gerstenblith is the founder and president of the Lawyer’s Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation and is a sitting director at the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield, a nonprofit organization that focuses on protecting cultural artifacts during armed conflicts and wars.

Give Back on Vincentian Service Day 2011!

12 Apr

Spend a day giving back to the community alongside fellow Blue Demons! Vincentian Service Day, DePaul’s annual day of service to the community, is May 7 at various times and locations. If you would like to volunteer with the alumni chapter or group in your area, please select from the sites below to register.

For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 437-1898 or email at alumnievents@depaul.edu.

A DePaul YouTube moment

5 Feb

Since it’s been awhile, thought I’d drop by with some YouTube goodness to share.

Here’s a short documentary about last year’s CDM Game Jam, where teams of students (“crazy … hardcore gamers” as lovingly described by CDM Game Designer in Residence Eugene Jarvis) developed playable video games during a 30 hour marathon stretch. Check it out, it’s kind of inspirational:

Check back in a couple of days of for a recap of the 2009 Global Game Jam, which was held at CDM last week.

DePaul Faculty In The News: Mike Conklin

5 Jan

I guess an upshot (if you can call it that) of the Rod Blagojevich drama is that it makes a perfect “teachable moment” for college professors who are looking to incorporate theory and practice for their students.  School of Communications professor Mike Conklin, who we mentioned in Demon Tracks earlier last year about his class on Election ’08, was mentioned in today’s Daily Herald about the possibilities of incorporating the Blagojevich news into classroom work.

“There are a lot of ways to look at this from a journalism perspective,” Conklin said. “One is the issue of journalistic integrity, and the importance of not caving in to pressure. What does it mean that the Tribune did not, in fact, fire anyone at the governor’s request?”

You can read the full article (and more insight from Conklin) at the Daily Herald website.