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DePaul Alumna Recognized as Chicago Career Role Model

25 Aug
Carrie Meghie

Photo courtesy Carrie Meghie

Carrie Meghie (COM ’96) is a “workplace MVP” according to Time Out Chicago, which featured her in its August career issue. The magazine highlighted stories about local professionals who have succeeded in interesting fields.

Meghie, who has a degree in marketing from the College of Commerce, earned praise for deftly balancing multiple projects. In addition to working as executive vice president of Becker Ventures and general manager of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, she also stays busy running a Jamaican restaurant/reggae club, Mr. Brown’s Lounge, with her husband. As the article notes:

She gets to work at 7 a.m. and logs 12-hour days in the office. She often works at home in the evenings and on the weekends. “But I’m working on fun things,” she says. “Yes, it’s work, but it’s things I’m excited about.”

Amid her busy schedule, Meghie still finds ways to connect with DePaul. This spring she volunteered the Hard Rock Hotel as a case study for Adjunct Professor Paul Arthur Bodine’s MBA business architecture class. Students gained experience working with a live client, and the hotel learned insights from the class’s final presentation.

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