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Latina Law Students Reflect on Sotomayor

20 Jul
From flickr user dbking

From flickr user dbking

As the U.S. Senate considers whether to confirm federal judge Sonia
Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Chicago Tribune turned its attention to people closer to home and interviewed three Latina DePaul law students — Rocio Alcantar, Lilian Jimenez and Vanessa Pineda — about their own struggles over ethnicity and law school.

From the Chicago Tribune article:

So, Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings have been especially poignant for Latina law students who share not only a common ethnic heritage but, in many cases, similar tough climbs to success. The incoming president of DePaul University’s Latino Law Student Association, for example, is the daughter of two formerly undocumented immigrants.

While much has changed from Sotomayor’s days at Yale Law School, the DePaul students say the hearings show that Latinas in the law still have to face questions about whether they will be slaves to ethnic loyalties and whether affirmative action is discriminatory. Even at DePaul — where minorities made up 23 percent of last year’s students — Latina students report that daily life can be filled with loneliness and tests to their self-confidence.

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